Video Marketing Solutions -  make your business stand out!

Passionate about MOving images 

Now more than ever video is essential to help your business stand out.
Using our visual storytelling, cinematography equipment & creative skills
Pro-Vision can help you get noticed.

Since 1994 Pro-Vision Video Productions have been producing effective TV commercials
and broadcast material for TVNZ, TV3, Prime and SkyTV.

We can produce for  you an effective commercial or short film for broadcast or online use.

WHy Video?

Video is proven to be more effective and have more impact.

Loves Video

50+ times more likely to be on the first page of Google search results if you have video on your site!!

Love Video

20 percent of visitors will read plain text on a website.
80 percent will watch a video with the exact same content.

Video Works

Video helps viewers remember 58 percent more information than plain text alone.

Love what you do!

When asked if we like our job - we can honestly answer with a massive YES! Outside of work hours when we aren’t creating moving images for our clients we are working on  short films and creative image projects to stretch our filmmaking abilities. 

Some of our Recent Work

We are passionate about what we do and love to bring our award winning
cinematography skills to every project we are involved with.

Some of  what we offer

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Touch base with us anytime - we would love to work with you to create some amazing films to make your business stand out!